For those about to rock ...

LEDF was excited to fund Boston Middle School's Stem Kit grant to purchase Breakout EDU kits.  These kits allow students to use the popular “escape room” learning experience in their classrooms and over subject specific content.  The grant also allowed students to build their own useable keytar and air drum set that works using the Little Bits Electronic Music Inventor Kit.

Little learners, big ideas ...

The Big Science for Little Learners program at La Porte High School's Pre-School was funded by LEDF helping  develop their problem solving and engineering skills at this young age.

Teamwork begins with trust ...

Making learning fun and challenging students to Think Outside the Box, Kingsbury Elementary School's 4th graders work in teams to successfully solve clues and puzzles to remove multiple locks to successfully open the box.  This fun group experience engages students through collaboration, team work and team building while building their problem solving, math, science and engineering skills.

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To enrich the lives of students in La Porte Community Schools by providing support and resources to enhance educational experiences.


To become a recognized and respected educational resources for students in the La Porte Community Schools. This vision will be achieved by reaching out to the members of the community and alumni for their ideas, their services and their financial support.


There are many different ways to get involved with our organization. Find what’s suitable and comfortable for you and join in changing lives!

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