To enrich the lives of students in La Porte Community Schools by providing support and resources to enhance educational experiences. 

To become a recognized and respected educational resources for students in the La Porte Community Schools.  This vision will be achieved by reaching out to the members of the community and alumni for their ideas, their services and their financial support. 


  • Excellence of Education
  • Importance of each student
  • Impact of our educators
  • Support of our community

These values contribute to the quality of our community life.


2019 Board of Directors
1st Row (left to right): Liz Sawaya, Melissa Beck, Holly Wireman. 
2nd Row: Lynn Shukitis, Tearsa Schable, Melissa Mrozinski, Amy Ferrell
3rd Row: Nick Otis, Joe Watterson, Greg Hunt
Not Pictured: Patrick Collins, Greg Fruth & Steve Walte

Who We Are
2020 - 2021 Board of Directors

Melissa Beck, President
Joseph Watterson, Vice-President
Patrick Collins, Treasurer
Holly Wireman, Secretary
Greg Hunt, Ex-Officio

Ben Braden
Jen DelRio
Melissa Mrozinski
Nick Otis
Shari Ott-Large

John Penziol
Tearsa Schable
Lynn Shukitis
Steve Walters
Liz Sawaya, Executive Director